Bus caught drivers on cell phones and


Autobus betrapt chauffeurs op gsm’en


In the Netherlands there are hundreds of motorists and truck drivers bekeurd because they are with their phones were busy behind the wheel. The offenders were caught from a bus, from which the police were controlled. In Belgium, there are currently no plans to check.

For three days, caught a bus through the eastern part of the Netherlands to drivers to check on bubbles and “appen”, as our northern neighbours call it, behind the wheel. From the height of such a bus would be the controllers a better view on the doings of the directors.

It goes to the second pilot project in a year’s time, and the police are satisfied of the results: each walked more than 700 drivers at the lamp, good for more than 100,000 euros in revenue in 10 days time. In the Netherlands is subject to a fine of € 230 on the use of mobile phone behind the wheel, at us was that amount of money (for a violation of the second degree) this year has been increased from 110 to 160 euros.

Our federal police are currently no plans to check from a bus, and also at the Antwerp police is a pilot project for the time being not to come. ‘This must be the policies decide”, it sounds at the press office.

There is also a lot gegsm’d behind the wheel. At the beginning of October was the counter of findings for 2018 at the Antwerp local police at more than 10,000. “And then verify our agents only during the regular operation and in the framework of, for example, speed or alcoholcontroles. If we are specific about this problem would work, we would have more observations. But we do already now there is so much that we provisionally better to combine with other breaches.’