Also Lewis Hamilton is “100 percent sure that Mick Schumacher, the F1 gets”


Mick Schumacher

Lewis Hamilton says there is one hundred percent sure that Mick Schumacher, son of seven times world champion Michael Schumacher, the Formula 1 gets.

Last week knew Mick Schumacher is the European champion in the F3 to crown, his first real success in the sport after he already was in the Italian and German F4 championship.

Four-time F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton has all the confidence in the shadow of his father no burden too heavy to bear, will be in Mick Schumacher his career.

“I do not think that it is a real burden,” said Hamilton. “I’m one hundred percent sure that we return a Schumacher will be in F1, partly because of his name, but also because of good performance.”

The still young racing career of Mick Schumacher began after the ski accident of his father in 2013. The then fourteen-year-old Mick was with his father in the accident, one year later he became vice world and European champion in karting and in 2015 he stepped over to the seats.

His first year in F3 was moderate with a twelfth place in the championship and a podium just like in the F4 he achieved enormous progress in its second year.

“It is clear that he, like his father a lot of talent, just as Keke (Rosberg) and Nico, and as Fernando Alonso has children. I also think that there ever back a Alonso in F1,” concludes Hamilton.

Schumacher was champion with a Mercedes engine in the back of his F3 car. Father Michael has also always been a special connection with the legendary brand with the star, but normally we see Mick next year in F2, there is currently no F1 program.

That other team where Schumacher Sr himself immortal made, the Ferrari, has also already stated that they would definitely have to consider staying with Mick to work together if they had the chance.

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