Air Belgium will do preliminary result


Air Belgium doet voorlopig voort

The shareholders of Air Belgium, the management of the airline is given the green light to continue.

Air Belgium for the time being, activities continue, despite a more acute capital shortage. That is the outcome of a long meeting of the board of directors and the principal shareholders, last night.

At that meeting the ceo Niky Terzakis, an update of its action plan and business plan proposed. With success, according to a company announcement: “The shareholders acknowledged that these actions and saw no reasons for the business continuity is in danger.’

But the launch is very conditional. ‘In the coming weeks there will be meetings scheduled to inform shareholders about the progress.’ Terzakis must so quickly come up with solutions.

Air Belgium suspended at the beginning of October are any line connection, between Charleroi and hong Kong, after a dispute with the Chinese tour operator U-Tour which the society worked.

Since then, the aircraft of Air Belgium (four Airbus A340’s) used only in command of other companies, such as British Airways.