ACV not impressed with the proposals, work-to-rule customs to go through


ACV niet onder de indruk van voorstellen, stiptheidsacties douane gaan door

The customs officials at the airport Brussels Airport have since 7 hours of their work-to-rule resumed. Trade union leader trade Union ACV-Public Services responds negatively to the proposal of Finance minister Johan van Overtveldt (N-VA) in the short term, more people to recruit.

Since Friday morning 7 hours to search the customs officials at Brussels Airport again minutely all the baggage of our country’s incoming travelers. That leads, according to the spokeswoman of the airport to a file of a half hour.

It is already the third day in a row that the customs officials to take action to the shortage of personnel to complain to the services that people and goods check. The chaos is Friday, fewer than on the first day of action, Wednesday, when the files aangroeiden of an hour in the morning and two hours in the course of the day.

On the proposals of minister Van Overtveldt to bring more people to recruit, says the trade union leader Marc Nijs of the christian union ACV Public Services that this will happen in the framework of the Brexit, and so has nothing to do with the lack of personnel in brussels. Also, the proposed meeting with the administrator general of the customs Kristiaan Vanderwaeren early next week is expected vakbondssecretaris Nijs no direct solution for the file-Zaventem.