United States give the Saudi’s more time in case of murdered journalist


Verenigde Staten geven Saudi's meer tijd in zaak vermoorde journalist

Wednesday searched a fifteen detectives to the residence of consul-general Mohammad Al-Otaibi.

Senior members of the Saudi royal family to hold a conclave on the occasion of the disappearance of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. That writes Le Figaro. The United States want Saudi Arabia a few extra days’ time to explain about the disappearance. That says, the American secretary of Foreign Affairs Mike Pompeo.

Khashoggi, an employee of the Washington Post, has been missing since he and the consulate of Saudi Arabia in Turkey entered the court on 2 October. He wanted to have formalities in order for his marriage. Turkey suspects Saudi Arabia that the journalist has been murdered, but that is denied.

The Saudi authorities have promised a ‘full and thorough’ investigation, the insured Pompeo after a meeting with president Donald Trump. Pompeo is himself just back from Turkey and Saudi Arabia, where he is the king and the crown prince had met.

“I have this morning to president Trump said that we gave them a few more days time to give so that we, too, the facts can fully understand,” said the foreign minister. ‘That gives us the opportunity to make decisions about how the United States is on the incident should respond.’ The disappearance has a diplomatic crisis, but the US seem not going the ties with Saudi Arabia to cut through.

The American minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin let Thursday know that he will not participate in an economic conference in Riyadh, as long as the survey runs. He said that decision in consultation with Trump and Pompeo to have taken. Several other politicians and business leaders were not know to the Future Investment Initiative, including the British billionaire Richard Branson and the IMP-topvrouw Christine Lagarde.


A diplomatic source confirmed to the French newspaper Le Figaro that a group of highranking people from the Saudi royal family in conclave. The family bends over the future of the crown prince Mohammed bin Salman. The prince is under fire, because Turkey suspect that Khashoggi was killed by a team of Saudi secret service agents, including several from the immediate vicinity of bin Salman. The future of the crown prince is, according to the source on the game.


The Turkish police on Wednesday not only the residence of the Saudi consul-general in Istanbul are searched, but also the consulate itself. Earlier this week, the consulate have already been searched.

The first search warrant happened Monday night. Wednesday around 16.40 hours local time began a fifteen detectives to the residence of consul-general Mohammad Al-Otaibi to search. According to Turkish media, he was present in the consulate when the possible murder on Khashoggi was committed.

At 1.30 pm, the police the search warrant. But a part of the speurdersteam went in the course of the evening to the consulate, which is not much further on, to that a second time to search. That search warrant was the night continues, says a photographer from the French news agency AFP.