Trade unions Ryanair are threatening with new strikes at the end of this year


Vakbonden Ryanair dreigen met nieuwe stakingen eind dit jaar


The European trade unions at the Irish low-cost airline Ryanair should have a new strike notice. That they have Thursday, common decides, reports the christian bediendebond LBC-NVK.

Multiple strikes are possible at the end of this year. The trade unions demand the application of national labour legislation in the countries where Ryanair operates.

“It is a strike notice “under porbation”. This means that we Ryanair the chance to give his position radically to screws, but that this will have to happen before the end of the year. If this is not done, there will be more strikes will be scheduled at the end of this year, it sounds in a press release.

A trade unionist Hans Elsen (LBC-NVK) to let you know that Ryanair ‘no national law to apply’. “There are about statements in the press, but in reality the policy is not adjusted. There are recently two people in Belgium dismissed, according to Irish law, ” says Elsen.

And also the announced closure of the base of Ryanair in Eindhoven is, according to the trade union leader is an example of a ‘heartless and inhumane’ policy. ‘This is also not in accordance with Dutch legislation expired. The people in Eindhoven, to get five weeks, the time to move to another base. In such a short time, you can your life is not over.’

The unions had on Thursday a meeting with the European Commission. That has, according to them, committed ‘to the member states under pressure to convert, so that the rights of the Ryanair staff will finally be respected on the national level’.