Bourgeois very disappointed in Reynders


Bourgeois erg ontgoocheld in Reynders

The protagonists Bourgeois, Peumans and Reynders.

The folds between Geert Bourgeois (N-VA) and Didier Reynders (MR), are still not ironed out. The Flemish minister-president is very disappointed in the minister and says just not that Reynders is lying.

Yesterday, said Flemish minister-president Geert Bourgeois, the Flemish Parliament that Didier Reynders had promised the Spanish ambassador on the mat to call for to ask for an explanation after a diplomatic incident around Jan Peumans.

Reynders said yesterday, and he repeated that in the Room, that he never promised. Reynders will a letter from the Flemish government about this, pass it on to the Spanish ambassador. Reynders said that he that Bourgeois had agreed. “We have agreed that he me a formal letter will send the message that the Flemish parliament and/or the Flemish government to the Spanish ambassador in Belgium wants to convey.’

‘Very disappointed’

But that is Geert Bourgeois is not enough, as he said tonight in Regard to. “I am very formal. I have two times by telephone had contact with mr. Reynders and he has told me that he the ambassador would call, text and explanation would questions and would insist on restoration of relationships.’

Bourgeois didn’t want to say that Reynders lied this afternoon in the Room. Bourgeois said that he is ‘very disappointed’ in what Reynders says. He has the MR-minister today sent a letter to him again to ask the Spanish ambassador to call, her text, and to ask for an explanation, its to disclaim on the principles of free speech and to ask how a return to normal relations.

Belgian-Spanish or Flemish-Spanish rel

It seems Bourgeois sense that Reynders takes its responsibility because the Flemish diplomats are part of the federal diplomatic post. He is also not agree with the statements of prime minister, Michel would not Belgian-Spanish rel, but only a Flemish-Spanish. “I understand that the stance of prime minister Michel.’

In Regard to the importance of Bourgeois that Spain’s diplomatic relations with Flanders disconnects simply because the Flemish parliament speaker has said something true of the whole of the Flemish Parliament.

N-VA is angry in the Room

And exactly those words which Spain so angered, repeated N-VA Member of parliament, Peter Luyckx this afternoon at the federal level in the Room. Luyckx said: “I think that Spain today is unworthy to be a member state of the European Union as long as the political prisoners not be released.’

He received much applause for his followers. Are partijgenoot Jan Vercammen showed that he is downright irate over the attitude of Reynders, and had understood that he did not know whether or not the government can still trust. By way of protest, he refrained this afternoon, with subsequent votes on the bills – not commonplace for a member of a majority party.

Bourgeois refers to the attitude of Vercammen ‘a signal’.