Van Overtveldt calls ING on the mat about Panama Papers


Van Overtveldt roept ING op het matje over Panama Papers

Minister of Finance Johan Van Overtveldt like to text and explanation of ING on the Panama Papers.

The top of ING is by minister of Finance Johan Van Overtveldt (N-VA) were invited to explain their role in the Panama Papers. In new data from the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca, which the Süddeutsche Zeitung got her hands, turns up the name of the Dutch bank frequently. The 1.2 million new documents were shared with the international journalistenplatform ICIJ, and for Belgium, it is investigated by The Time.

ING Bank in Geneva, a branch of ING Belgium, shows a lot of Russian customers in the oil and gaswereld. From the leaked documents shows that at least two dozen brievenbusmaatschappijen of Mossack Fonseca in Panama and the British Virgin islands and a bank account at ING Geneva had or were planning to open.


According to The Financieele Dagblad falls from the leaked documents do not usually make for which the ING-accounts were used. In one case, an offshore company, a loan of 3.7 million euros to the company Tupegar, which is owned by the Russian ex-minister of Energy Sergey Generalov. Who used the loan to a yacht of 41.5 million euros to buy. He should only come back to the ING account if he the boat to re-sell.

Also in the first leak of the Panama Papers dived ING. The former ceo of ING Belgium, said in may 2016 in the special parliamentary Committee Panama Papers that his bank chose not to cooperate to offshorestructuren with a view to tax evasion.

Minister Van Overtveldt has after the new revelations to his own words, ” consulted with the BBI to an investigation. He also goes to the ING-top, invite comments.

Specialists do not expect a lot of double action. The extent to which Belgian tax authorities are aggrieved by the Swiss offshorerekeningen for the Russian energy sector, it is not immediately clear. The branch office in Geneva is, moreover, under the Swiss bankautonomie.

Tax lawyer on Twitter: Too big to jail

On Twitter was a lawyer Michel Maus sharp. “A few gullible investigative journalists have been more realized in the fight against offshore tax evasion than the ministry of justice and the Special tax inspection together.” Maus denounces that, despite their crucial role in the off-shore structures, banks in none of the cases in addition to the taxable person on trial sit. ‘Too big to jail’, it sounds.

The Financieele Dagblad notes that the public prosecutor in the Netherlands four studies has the role of ING in money laundering and international corruption. The four cases according to the public prosecutor a good picture of a failing policy of ING.