Loft Matthias Schoenaerts uninhabitable after fire


Loft Matthias Schoenaerts onbewoonbaar na brand

A stubborn, smoldering fire did heavy damage in the loft with Matthias Schoenaerts (39). The actor was present in his house, but could get himself to safety.

The fire originated just after the 17 hours, on the top floor of an apartment block in the Arenbergstraat, in the centre of the city. At the rear of the top floor, where Matthias Schoenaerts two years ago, an apartment to the loft had converted, there was a great smoke.

The fire department suspects that the fire on a sort of stove is arise.’ Through the chimney, the fire is already smouldering to begin to expand in the walls and the false ceilings.’

Only around 21 pm, the fire completely extinguished. The fire brigade with a lot of equipment and manpower, and had here and there breekwerken run because the fire spread through the insulation in the floor of the apartment.

There is so much break and water damage in the apartment that is now uninhabitable. Also the underlying apartment got damaged, though it is there especially water damage. The intervention also became a fireman slightly wounded, he was transferred to the hospital.

Schoenaerts was at the time of the fire present in his house, but he could at the time and on their own power in safety.