Kunstschaatse Jorik Hendrickx has olympic ticket almost certainly to address


Kunstschaatse Jorik Hendrickx heeft olympisch ticket vrijwel zeker te pakken

Figure skater Jorik Hendrickx occupied after the short figure of the Nebelhorn Trophy, the first place. The jury awarded Hendrickx 85,15 points. An olympic starting place seems to be our compatriot not to be missed.

With a total 85,15 improved Hendrickx his personal record, that on 82,50 points, was. The American Alexander Johnson is second, the Swede Alexander Majorov third.

It is the first race of the season, which, however, is of great importance. It is for Hendrickx and 25 other figure skaters the last opportunity to qualify for the Olympic Winter games.

A place among the best six in the German town of Oberstdorf would Hendrickx ensure a place in the olympic team for Pyeongchang. By the disappointing 21st place in the wereldtitelstrijd in Helsinki was Hendrickx forced in the first herfstmaand to peak.

After that tournament twisted Hendrickx a single, just in the plaster. That disrupted the training significantly. The 25-year-old Hendrickx, beginning this year, fourth of Europe, has a training camp in the French ski resort of Courchevel prepared. Meanwhile, the Kempenaar managed to study sports marketing in Tilburg to finish.

Hendrickx had the dubious pleasure as a first exercise to perform. He was certainly on the ice and made no mistakes. Then he was allowed three hours of nail biting before he made his rank known. None of the opponents came, but in the vicinity of Hendricks’ score. Friday, may Hendrickx work with the free freestyle finish. Half a year ago, the insured of his younger sister, Loena (17) is already an olympic ticket at the world cup as fifteenth to ended.