Grey uniform should aggression against Antwerp attendants reduce


Grijs uniform moet agressie tegen Antwerpse parkeerwachters verminderen

Antwerp attendants show off the new uniform

Recent work in Antwerp sometimes be like a red rag to a bull. To the aggression against them to curb, the city now for a more discreetly uniform.

ntwerpse attendants get more and more to do with aggression. This year alone, they were thirty times attacked. In Gazet van Antwerpen called for the Antwerp alderman for Mobility, Koen Kennis (N-VA), for more respect. To enforce, the city of the uniform: it is more discreetly, and there is a clear reference to the city of Antwerp. “If people recognize it as service-council employees, this will hopefully lead to more understanding”, says Knowledge.

It is remarkable that this strategy is at odds with the decision of the city of Kortrijk. There decided the board a few years back to now to work with bright red, so clearly, eye-catching uniforms. ‘Previously bore the staff of the classic, dark colors, ” explains ships Axel Weydts (SP.A). “But a parking attendant does much more than just fines to unsubscribe. He also serves as the point of contact for the citizen who has questions, or for tourists who get lost. Hence the need for visibility and the choice for a striking color.’

Weydts does not think that the color of the uniform, whether or not more or less aggression elicits. ‘In Kortrijk, I see an increase nor a decrease in incidents. It is going to be a twenty incidents per year, which is all the more good that bad. Normal people curse when they get a fine, but you’ll always others have the ribbon go. You can there unfortunately is little to do, except your staff prepare for using agressietraining.’

Olivier Bauwens, the managing director of Belize Corporate, company uniforms, will the effect of colour is not immediately minimize. ‘I can quite imagine that the darker tones, such as black and blue, stricter and harder to happen, what people intuitively before. Softer shades seem to have more accessibility to exude. But usually uniforms of the government little variation and is fixed in advance, also for practical reasons. Private companies give us more freedom, for example, in the colour of ties, a dark suit can brighten up.’

Filip Moers, leader of the opposition in Sint-Truiden, think that especially the behaviour of the car-park attendant much of a difference. As for a commercial company works. “When the privatisation in Sint-Truiden is just a fact, wrote the employees a fine if you have a half a minute too late. That lack of flexibility and the idea is that the money, especially the company, were the citizens right to be angry.’

Perhaps that’s exactly why that Knowledge is so clearly the different logo of the city of Antwerp on the uniforms wants: to give that money to the community in return. And if the color of the uniform that pill easier verguldt? The better it is.