Khamenei: ‘the Saudi’s are like milking cows for the Americans’


Khamenei: ‘Saoedi’s zijn als melkkoeien voor de Amerikanen’

The supreme leader of Iran, grootayatollah Ali Khamenei, Saturday heavy out at the Saudi leaders. He called them ‘idiots’ and ‘dairy cows for the Americans’. A and another has to do with the miljardendeal that the US and Saudi Arabia last week, locks and the reproaches of the Americans and the saudis, to the address of Tehran.

“The Saudi’s are like milking cows for the Americans. Those idiots believe that they are with money the friendship be able to win the enemies of islam’, quoted the news agency Fars Khamenei. Thus he was referring to the megacontracten that Washington and Riyadh last week, during the visit of the Us president, Donald Trump, ended. This was also a deal of 110 billion dollars for the purchase of Us weapons by Saudi Arabia.

“The Saudi leaders are incompetent and worthless ( … ), and their policies will eventually lead to the collapse of the Saudi kingdom’, it was still.

During a speech in Riyadh and accused Trump there Iran of terrorism support’. The Us president called on the country to boycott. Earlier the Saudi king Iran even though ” the spearhead of international terrorism’.

Khamenei has, according to the Iranian constitution as supreme leader has the last word in all strategic decisions in Iran.