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Coalition of Salvini takes new victory in regional elections in Italy


Coalitie van Salvini haalt nieuwe overwinning bij regionale verkiezingen in Italië

The coalition, under the leadership of the Lega, the party of the radical right-wing Italian minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini, obtained Sunday a new victory in the local elections in the southern region of Basilicata. It was a last test for the European elections of may 26.

With almost all votes counted holds Vito Bardi, the candidate who was supported by the coalition of Lega, 42 percent of the vote. The centre-left candidate, received 33 percent, and the candidate of the Vijfsterrenbeweging (M5S), 20 per cent.

The results were in line with the other regional elections recently in Italy took place. Lega posted strong gains, followed by centrumlinks. The Vijfsterrenbeweging suffered heavy defeats.

‘Thank you! The Lega has his vote in a year tripled, also a victory in #Basilicata!’, tweette Salvini. His party is in a good position for the European elections in may to win. In the polls of the website YouTrend achieves Lega, on average, 32.2 percent of the votes at the national level, M5S 22.2% and the centre-left Democratic Party 20.8 percent.

The most beautiful day of Trumps presidency


De mooiste dag van Trumps presidentschap

For Donald Trump it was Sunday may be the most beautiful day of his presidency. The American media in the final report by special prosecutor Robert Mueller, a political victory for the president. But still not all the challenges are of the job.

The darkest shadow that about Trumps presidency hung, with the final report from Robert Mueller expelled. Writing in The New York Times and The Washington Post. The special prosecutor found no …

The darkest shadow that about Trumps presidency hung, with the final report from Robert Mueller expelled. Writing in The New York Times and The Washington Post. The special prosecutor found no evidence that the Trump campaign with the Russians would have worked together.

The threat of impeachment this seems for the time being in the job and the way to a second term, it seems that Trump is suddenly a lot less bumpy. Aides to the president say that he was in a cheerful mood. For the media responded to Trump triumphantly. He said that it was what America and the president over the past months had to endure.

‘Political victory’

For the American media is clear: the end of the Russia-research strengthened the position of the Trump in its future political battles, including his herverkiezingscampagne. ‘The findings are clearly a political victory for Trump, ” writes The Washington Post. They support his stance on the Russia-research. Trump calls even more his innocence, accuses the Democrats of an unwarranted witch hunt, and she’s now with the report to support.

“Robert Mueller is the God that the Democrats in the lurch let’, writes Edward Luce of The Financial Times in its analysis. ‘It was said that the appointment of Mueller as the worst day of the presidency of Trump. The report of Mueller is now possible the best day. Trump will now believe that his attacks on the ‘fake news’-media may intensify.’


For nearly two years was the research a source of stress in the White House. Now the odds are turned, should Trump thinking. He is calling for an investigation of his opponents, and is planning to cover the costs of the investigation in the paint. His campaign team has also already had a video launched with the title ‘Collusion Hoax’ that the president defends and the Democrats will attack.

Employees of Trump believe that the results and the credibility of the president a boost, while the Democrats undermine’, according to The Washington Post. Some Democrats were there in advance already convinced that Trump would be found guilty. According to The New York Times is forcing the final report, the Democrats now on the defensive and they have to decide how heavy they Trump still investigating misconduct want to attack.

‘Trump will be in the run-up to the elections his political base strengthening’, writes The New York Times. “That system is behind Trump meat in the person of mr. Mueller and him not able to take down, will fit nicely into the discourse of the president. The image that he has of himself hanging up as a threat to the existing order, will be enhanced.’

More problems

Still, not all the challenges of the job for Trump. Until she made the full report have read, the Democrats are not saying that the president has nothing to be blamed. They want the minister of Justice, William Barr under oath is a witness. ‘The letter from minister Barr raises more questions than he answers,’ says Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic chairman of the House of Representatives. “He is not a neutral observer and can make no objective decisions about the report.’

The House of Representatives, where the Democrats have the majority, the report on a different way to interpret and decide whether to Trump criminal offences has been committed. On the question of whether Trump the Ruslandonderzoek has been trying to hinder, Mueller also no definite answer given. In addition, there are other studies, including conflicts of interest, which Trumps herverkiezingscampagne can overshadow.

The report of Mueller argues, however, that Russia has tried to in the Us presidential election in 2016 to influence. That 34 people in the study are sued, is not advertising for Trumps presidency.

But Trump has apparently have confidence in. Then on Sunday he returned to the White House, said Trump to the press: “I want you to just tell that America is the best place in the world. The best place in the world.’

Mayor about the dolphins Seapark: “Is panda’s breeding in Pairi Daiza also irresponsible?’


Burgemeester over dolfijnen Seapark: 'Is panda's kweken in Pairi Daiza dan ook onverantwoord?'

‘If I pass along Flemish meadows is the only on in what bad conditions some of the horses, donkeys and sheep live. That problem seems to me just a little more important for a Minister of animal Welfare.’ The mayor of Bruges, Dirk De fauw (CD&V), supports the dolphin show, of Seapark.

Minister for animal Welfare Ben Weyts (N-VA) argued Sunday in The Seventh Day for a uitdoofscenario for dolphins in captivity. His proposal received applause from animal rights organisation GAIA, the living conditions of the Bruges dolphins ‘very inadequate’ called. Had Weyts it on tv about ‘stressgevoelige and hyperintelligente animals’ who we are ‘tricks in exchange for a few dead fish’.

Want the dolfinarium not to reveal a lot about the statements of Weyts. ‘Sometimes say sensible people silly things just for the elections, ” says Lars van den Ham, director of the Boudewijn Seapark. He has no sense about the matter through the press to communicate, but it was open to dialogue. ‘Minister Weyts is more than welcome to come along.’

Record number of visitors

The Boudewijn Seapark covers 1.100 square meters and offers visitors a water park with eight water slides. In combination with the dolphin show, the park is very popular with young families. Last year in July, fell, by the warm weather, even a record number of visitors. Concrete came in July 10,000 visitors additional in comparison with the same period last year. Good for an increase of twenty percent.

Mayor De fauw defends the park

The mayor of Bruges, Dirk De fauw (CD&V), the reaction of the minister Weyts somewhat exaggerated. ‘It is not about animals that are caught in the ocean. There is a program in which the Seapark interacts with other dolfinaria at the European level. You can ask yourself or a breeding program for giant pandas, such as in Pairi Daiza also irresponsible.”

Burgemeester over dolfijnen Seapark: 'Is panda's kweken in Pairi Daiza dan ook onverantwoord?'

Photo: belga

The fauw wondered why just the uitdoofplan for dolfinaria a first priority. “The people of Seapark are greatly concerned about the welfare of those animals. As I pass along Flemish meadows, it is only in what bad conditions some of the horses, donkeys and sheep live. That problem seems to me just a little more important for a Minister of animal Welfare.’

Weyts realizes the financial blow

According to Michaël Devoldere, spokesman of the minister Weyts, the uitdoofscenario in a larger set of standards against animals in captivity. ‘Which laws to implement is very technical work that drives happens. The most recent, where the minister last week green light for gave, went on primates and marine mammals. It was decided to make no new standards to issue for dolfinaria so not the message that as a government you still believe in dolfinaria or people an incentive to make unnecessary investments.’

Also Devoldere regrets the financial blow, but stressed that the minister certainly is an understanding of the position of Seapark. ‘Such things as boundary conditions and time limits need to be sure the park will be discussed. The dolphinarium will never, from one day to the other be closed. In the past we went all around the table to sit with the house of Flemish nertsenkwekerijen to work together to achieve an appropriate uitdoofbeleid to come. We think that the time has come for dolphins the same mean.’

OCMW Grimbergen offers a helping hand to residents bankrupt sheltered housing


 OCMW van Grimbergen biedt helpende hand aan bewoners failliet woonzorgcentrum

Ships Anne-Laure Mouligneaux

The OCMW Grimbergen has a helping hand offered to the residents of the sheltered housing Anemone in Grimbergen, that at the end of last week was declared bankrupt.

“We have come to Friday contacted all of the 21 residents,” says Anne-Laure Mouligneaux (N-VA), as alderman for well-being and also the chairman of the Special Committee Social Service.

“Our social assistants provide assistance in the search for a new senior home in Grimbergen or environment. That help turns out to welcome to the few residents who have no family have more. We can help if required, in such cases, even with the move. The majority of the residents shows in the meantime already a new home was found to have’, says Mouligneaux.

The sheltered Anemone closes on march 31, final the doors.

‘Centre-left’ journalists find that they have N-VA benefit


‘Centrumlinkse’ journalisten vinden dat ze N-VA bevoordelen

The N-VA is, according to journalists, the best served in the media (archive view from 2014) .

Flemish political reporters tend to lean a little to the left but estimate their audience right in. Part of the reason that benefit them the N-VA a little bit in their coverage.

The Flemish journalist in the year 2018 to find for themselves what right wing than twelve years ago. That is the conclusion reached by the research group Media, movements and Politics as a promoter Stefaan Walgrave (University of …

The Flemish journalist in the year 2018 to find for themselves what right wing than twelve years ago. That is the conclusion reached by the research group Media, movements and Politics as a promoter Stefaan Walgrave (University of Antwerp). Together with his team interrogated he 168 political reporters. Right wing we take the best with a grain of salt. On a ten-part L-R scale is the average of 4,32: centrumlinks so. Similar research knocked twelve years ago, on 4,07.

Certainly right-wing parties complain about left-wing journalists that their medium as a kind of political project to consider and express their own opinions pushing yourself. This research brings different nuances.

To start with, that journalists have a blurry image of their readers. They perceive that a piece of right wing than their audiences self-assess. That is, in the popular newspapers than in the quality papers. However, there are exceptions. Journalists from The Standard, the Knack or the VRT to have a excellent picture of their news consumers were. Political editors of DS place their readers in 5.4 of the L-R scale, the readers themselves are 5.3.

Blame the N-VA

That is sharper in a number of themes, such as the elimination of polluting cars, the taxation of company cars or non-return of refugees to countries where human rights are violated. Increasingly perceive journalists and the public a piece of right wing than from the reality shows. These three themes inspected nearly 70 percent of the respondents the measures, journalists estimate their number in half.

The researchers have distilled three possible explanations. The N-VA as the largest political party see journalists as the mirror image of what is happening in the society. The N-VA is establishing itself not only as a right, with Bart De Wever and Theo Francken, they also have two politicians in the house of whom it is thought that they are the gut feelings of the Flemish people to read them correctly.

Moreover, journalists may be more hampered from right than from left-wing corner, especially via social media. Immediately they send. And there is a kind of afkijkgedrag giving journalists the output of colleagues scan to get an estimate of what the public wants.

Finally, there is the possibility that journalists controversies within the society simply overestimate. A lot of themes to transcend the traditional L-R contrast.

Advantage for the N-VA

The researchers asked journalists whether they had the impression that certain parties in the media to be favoured. The result surprised (or not). The N-VA is, according to them, the best served (although the difference with the other parties, not large), Flemish Interest and the LABOUR party the worst. On a scale of 1 to 10 retrieves the N-VA 5,73. In addition, there are remarkable outliers. The journalists from the VTM to give the party a 7.2, a strong bias in favour. When The Standard remains that of 5.1, which is a neutral attitude implies.

The readers see it differently. They are of the opinion that the media CD&V (6.8) the most pampered. With 6.3, the N-VA at the same height of Green and SP.A. Open VLD is doing slightly better, Vlaams belang structurally worse.

The researchers have the same question also to politicians made. Those results are not yet published. Reportedly shares the N-VA’s opinion, not that they are by the journalists in a slightly more favourable of daylight than their competitors.

Jobat organizes Job Fair in Brussels on the 28th of march 2019


Jobat organiseert Job Fair Brussels op 28 maart 2019

On Thursday 28 march in Brussels Expo Job Fair in Brussels. It is a national job fair, a collaboration between Jobat and Références. You can network with companies and their HR-managers and them personally, your cv to hand. And you can attend workshops.

“Job Fair Brussels is the perfect fair for someone who wants to work in the Brussels region, or for those who a job are looking for a large (inter)national business. Registration is free,” says Maikel Van Geert, product marketeer at Jobat Media.

The job fair is at its second edition. “The previous edition of Job Fair in Brussels was a success. And also for this edition of the festival of the tenders, smooth within. So we expect, like last year, a few thousand candidates that a direction or new direction to their career want to give”, says Geert.

Diverse jobs

The job fair will once again make the difference with the width of the jobaanbod. There will be jobs for engineers, administrative employees and vendors. But remember also to train and busbestuurders, engineers, IT profiles, auditors, screeners or people with ambitions in retail. The offer letter of the existing companies is very diverse.

In the meantime, more than thirty employers are already signed up to attend. Among them names such as Audi Brussels, Action, Aldi, Armonea, Bics, Carrefour, Imtech, STIB, SNCB, Ladbrokes, G4S, Ricoh, Securitas, Thalys, Tom&Co and Vanden Borre. Participants that during the stock market easy their RESUME want to submit to all of these participating businesses, it can advance to add in My Jobat on jobat.be

Read more…




Who are the house sells to nursing home to pay is punished


Wie zijn huis verkoopt om rusthuis te betalen wordt gestraft

A lot of older people have difficult to get the invoice from their institution to pay. The Flemish government is trying for a piece to cater through the zorgbudget, but that system is not watertight. For those who are home selling, barely entitled to the support, while the elderly that their house hold and rent out, but to knock on the government.

Each month a rusthuisfactuur pay of just under 2,000 euro, while your pension is many hundreds of dollars less. For many, it is unfortunately the reality. The government is still a …

Each month a rusthuisfactuur pay of just under 2,000 euro, while your pension is many hundreds of dollars less. For many, it is unfortunately the reality. The government is still a piece in between, but that is not always enough. So be spaarpotjes addressed whether the parental home is sold to the rusthuisfactuur yet, but to be able to pay.

That last is not always a good idea. Because by a twist in the law makes those who are house sells less chance of public support than those who are house rents. It’s all around the zorgbudget and the conditions that you must meet to win that support.

Extra savings

“One of the means to the rusthuisfactuur more bearable, through the health insurance fund, the municipality or the CPAS a zorgbudget applications,” explains Joris Moonens of the Agency Care & Health. That allowance for assistance to the elderly is a budget of up to 583 euros per month for persons over 65 with limited income and health problems. “The size of the amount depends on the zorgzwaarte and the financial resources of the elderly.’

And this is where the problem lies. The law provides that rental income does not count in the reckoning, while a savings – for example, after the sale of a house – for a piece will be charged. Six percent of the consideration is charged as income which will be deducted from the zorgbudget.

In concrete terms: who are the house sells for 200,000 euros will not aid get a before 12,000 euros it got gobbled up. Who are the house does not sell, but rent, can ask for support through a zorgbudget. The rental income of a property with a cadastral income under 1,500 euros count not included in the calculation of the zorgbudget. Only a few houses in Flanders have a KI that is so high. The roughly 500 euros which is an older way int to rents, remain invisible to the government. So can an older in this case, on top of that, rents for even a few hundred euros zorgbudget pocket.

No ready solution

Minister of Welfare Jo Vandeurzen (CD&V) indicates that there is something amiss with the calculation, and ‘stands behind the idea to watch this’. Yet he wants the principle, not just adjust. “It is not illogical that there is a difference between rental and sale. Only difference is now strongly in favour of whom the house sells. If we no longer keep up with the revenue that a sale, let everyone unable to explain to support.’

An effortless solution to that twist in the law, the minister for the time being not. ‘Before we set the system to adjust, we must take into account all the factors that have an influence on the composition of the zorgbudget’, says Jo Vandeurzen.

For cheap airfare should you are in Vienna


Voor goedkope vliegtickets moet je in Wenen zijn

An Airbus in the near of the airport of Vienna.

No major airport is last year more grown than that of Vienna. Suddenly all companies, the city discovered, with rock bottom prices.

Vienna is already ten years in a row as the most livable city in the world, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit. Now have also the airlines the Austrian capital, discovered. After low-cost airline Air Berlin, the end of the 2017 note stopped, smoke all the companies for their opportunity. Vienna was one of the last bastions where the historic monopolist – Austrian Airlines – hardly any competition had to tolerate. Now, Ryanair, Wizzair, EasyJet and Level all flights. As a result, the prices from and to Vienna decreased drastically. ‘A bloody party’, called Wizzair ceo Jozsef Varadi.

In the past year increased the number of passengers by almost 11 percent. Not a single European airport with more than 25 million passengers is doing better.

Not in Belgium
The hospitality industry is sailing in that increase, but the occupancy rate of the aircraft has decreased to 76 percent, and that is far below the average of Frankfurt or London Heathrow. Belgians benefit but limited to the price war. Almost all flights from Zaventem airport are the Lufthansa group, which includes Austrian and Brussels Airlines include. From October is flying Ryanair to Vienna from Charleroi.

Negative opinion about meter counter, digital meter


Negatief advies over terugdraaiende teller bij digitale meter

The Flemish regulator Vreg recommends that the amendment to the draft decree about the digital meters, allowing owners of solar panels have fifteen years to the advantage of the meter counter could get, not to approve it.

The Vreg is in the opinion a great supporter of the roll-out of the digital meter, but one of the amendments, the regulator’s big questions.

In that amendment, it is stipulated that owners of solar panels until fifteen years after commissioning of the solar panels in the old tarifiëringssysteem may remain, including the conservation of a virtual meter counter.

The Vreg fear for discrimination between users. In addition, the independence of the Vreg and its exclusive tariefbevoegdheid violated, what it sounds like. The Vreg therefore recommends that the amendment to delete.

Click here to view the provisional list of participants – men and women – from Three-day Bruges – De Panne


Bekijk hier de voorlopige deelnemerslijst - mannen en vrouwen - van Driedaagse Brugge - De Panne

The winning spurt of Jolien D’hoore.

Who is following Elia Viviani as the winner of the AG Three-day Bruges – De Panne, the ééndagswedstrijd between, what do you think, Bruges, De Panne? And who wins in the women now Jolien D’hoore not of the party? Click here to view the preliminary lists of participants.

PROVISIONAL LIST of participants MEN (Wednesday 27/3)

Deceuninck – Quick Step


2. ASGREEN Kasper




6. SÉNÉCHAL Florian

7. ŠTYBAR Zdenek

Astana Pro Team

11. BALLERINI Davide

12. BIZHIGITOV Zhandos

13. DE VREESE Laurens

14. GIDICH Yevgeniy

15. GRUZDEV Dmitriy

16. HOULE Hugo

17. LUTSENKO Alexey

BORA – hansgrohe

21. ACKERMANN Pascal

22. PFINGSTEN Christoph


24. SAGAN Juraj

25. GATTO Oscar


27. SELIG Rüdiger

CCC Team

31. BERNAS Pawel

32. GRADEK Kamil

33. MARECZKO Jakub

34. KOCH Jonas

35. PAUWELS Serge

36. SAjNOK Szymon

37. VAN KEIRSBULCK Guillaume

EF Education First

41. BRESCHEL Matti

42. DOCKER Mitchell

43. HOFLAND Moreno

44. LANGEVELD Sebastian

45. MCLAY Daniel

46. PHINNEY Taylor

47. VAN DEN BERG, Julius

Lotto – Soudal

51. IVERSEN Rasmus

52. EWAN Caleb

53. DEWULF Stan

54. FRISON Frederik

55. NAESEN Lawrence


57. WOUTERS Enzo


61. BAUER Jack

62. AFFINI Edoardo



65. HEPBURN Michael

66. MEZGEC Luka

67. SCOTSON Callum

Movistar Team

71. ARCAS Jorge

72. BARBERO Carlos

73. CARRETERO Héctor


75. ROJAS José Joaquin

76. ROELANDTS Jürgen


Team Dimension Data

81. BAK Lars Ytting


83. AVOID the Bernhard


85. NIZZOLO Giacomo

86. TILLER Rasmus

87. VERMOTE Julien

Team Jumbo-Visma

91. EENKHOORN Pascal


93. JANSEN Amund Grøndahl



96. VAN POPPEL Danny

97. WYNANTS Maarten

Team Katusha – Alpecin

101. BIERMANS Jenthe


103. HALLER Marco


105. KITTEL Marcel

106. KUZNETSOV Vyacheslav

107. TANFIELD Harry

108. SMITH Willie

Team Sky

111. BASSO, Leonardo

112. DOULL Owain

113. GANNA Filippo

114. HALVORSEN Kristoffer

115. LAWLESS Chris

116. ROWE Luke


Team Sunweb

121. ARNDT Nikias

122. BOL Cees

123. CURVERS Roy

124. KANTER Max


126. PEDERSEN Casper


Pull – Segafredo

132. FRAME Alex

133. KIRSCH Alex

134. MULLEN Ryan

135. PEDERSEN, Mads

136. REIJNEN Kiel

137. THEUNS Edward

UAE-Team Emirates

141. BOHLI Tom

142. GAVIRIA Fernando

143. CONSONNI Simone

144. FERRARI Roberto

145. LAENGEN Vegard Stake


147. BYSTRØM Sven Erik

Cofidis, Solutions Crédits

151. CLAEYS Dimitri

152. FORTIN Filippo

153. LEMOINE Cyril

154. MATHIS Marco

155. SOUPE Geoffrey


157. VANBILSEN Kenneth

Corendon – Circus

161. DE BONDT Dries

162. DEVOLDER Stijn

163. HANSEN Lasse Norman

164. JANS Roy

165. JANSSENS Jimmy

167. STALLAERT Joeri

Direct Energy

171. BURGAUDEAU Mathieu

172. CARDIS Romain

173. GAUDIN Damien

174. GÈNE Yohann

175. PETIT Adrien

176. PICHOT Alexandre

177. SELLIER Simon

Israel Cycling Academy

181. CARISEY Clément

182. DEMPSTER Pocket

183. THIN Conor


185. BOIVIN Guillaume

186. RÄIM Mihkel


Roompot – Charles

191. BOOM Lars

192. LEYSEN Senne

193. REINDERS Elmar

194. TIMMERMANS Justin


196. OF SHIP Jan-Willem

197. VAN STAEYEN Michael

Sport Vlaanderen – Baloise

201. GHYS Robbe

202. NOPPE Christophe

203. PLANCKAERT Edward

204. VAN HECKE Preben

205. VAN ROOY Kenneth

206. WEEMAES Sasha

207. WILLEMS Thimo

Vital-Concept – B&B Hotels


212. COQUARD Bryan

213. DE BACKER Bert

214. GAREL Adrien

215. MORICE Julien

216. MÜLLER, Patrick



221. ISTA Kevyn

222. MOLLY Kenny

223. NÕMMELA Aksel

224. PLANCKAERT Baptiste

225. SPENGLER Lukas

226. TAMINIAUX Lionel

227. WIRTGEN Tom

Wanty – Groupe Gobert

231. BACKAERT Frederik

232. DE DECKER Alfdan

233. DE GENDT Aimé

234. WINTER, Ludwig

235. KREDER Wesley

236. VALLEE Boris


PROVISIONAL LIST of participants WOMEN (Thursday 28/3)


2. BLAAK Chantal



5. MAJERUS Christine


Lotto – Soudal

11. DOM Annelies

12. BLACKBERRY Danique


14. HOFFMANN Chantal

15. KOPECKY Lotte

16. NGUY?N Th? Th?t

Alé Cipollini

21. ERIC Jelena

22. HOSKING Chloe

23. PEÑUELA Diana

24. SWINKELS, Karlijn

25. TREVISI Anna

26. OF FAITH Marjoram

Astana Womens Team

31. ISKAKOVA Amiliya

32. PIRRONE Elena

33. PRADERA Jeidi


35. SALAZAR Lizbeth Yareli

36. SIERRA Arlenis

Bigla Pro Cycling

41. BANKS, Elizabeth

42. HARVEY Mikayla

43. NORSGAARD Emma Cecilie

44. LETH Julie

45. SPEROTTO Maria Vittoria

46. THOMAS Leah

BTC City Ljubljana

51. BOOGAARD Maaike

52. BUJAK Eugenia

53. CHURSINA Anastasiia

54. PINTAR Urša

55. RATTO Rossella

56. VAN DE REE Monique

Canyon SRAM Racing

61. BARNES Alice

62. CROMWELL Tiffany

63. ERATH Tanja

64. SMALL Lisa


66. RYAN Alexis

CCC – Liv

71. DEMEY Valerie


73. SMILE Marta

74. SKALNIAK Agnieszka

Doltcini – Van Eyck Sports

81. TRAVEL Daniela


83. MARKUS Kelly

84. BERTEAU Victoire



FDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine-Futuroscope

91. BECKER Charlotte

92. BRAVARD Charlotte

93. DEMAY Coralie

94. FAHLIN Emilia

95. KITCHEN Lauren

96. RICHIOUD Greta

Health Mate – Cyclelive Team

101. MUSTONEN Sara

102. NECK Christina

103. NECK Kathrin

104. SÜßEMILCH Laura

105. VAN HAAFTEN Kirstie

106. WATERREUS Kylie


111. ALL Jessica

112. ELVIN Gracie

113. KENNEDY, Lucy

114. ROY Sarah

115. SPRATT, Amanda

116. TENNIGLO Moniek

Movistar Team

121. BIANNIC Aude

122. FOURNIER Roxane

123. GUTIÉRREZ Sheyla

124. JASINSKA Malgorzata

125. OYARBIDE Lourdes

126. TERUEL Alba

Parkhotel Valkenburg

131. KNETEMANN Roxane

132. MARKUS Femke

133. SWINKELS, Sylvie


135. VAN DER meer Janine

136. WIEBES Lorena

Team Sunweb

141. ANDERSEN, Susanne

142. FIRE Lucinda

143. ENSING Janneke


145. MATHIESEN Pernille

146. SOOK Julia


151. CHAPMAN Brodie

152. DREXEL, Ingrid

153. JACKSON, Alison

154. KESSLER, Nina

155. RYAN Kendall

156. SLIK Rozanne

Team Virtu Cycling



163. GUARISCHI Barbara

164. KRÖGER Mieke

165. SIGGAARD Christina

166. PAWLOWSKA Katarzyna

Valcar Cylance Cycling

171. BALSAMO Elisa

172. CAVALLI Marta

173. CONFALONIERI Maria Giulia

174. PERSICO Silvia

175. POLLICINI Silvia

176. SANGUINETI Ilaria

Pull-Segafredo Women

181. HANSON she now

182. LEPISTÖ Lotta

183. PATERNOSTER Letizia

184. VAN DIJK Ellen

185. OF TWISK Abigail

186. WORRACK Trixi

WNT-Rotor Pro Cycling


192. KOSTER Claudia

193. PILOTE-FORTIN Gabrielle

194. RIJKES Sarah


196. WILD Kirsten