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Cardinal Marx: ‘the Church has files on sexual abuse “destroyed”’


Kardinaal Marx: ‘Kerk heeft dossiers over seksueel misbruik “vernietigd”’

While the conference of bishops Saturday in the Vatican to the hallway, there was in Rome protested to the Church to encourage work to create a zero-tolerancebeleid regard to abuse.

The Church has dossiers on the perpetrators of sexual abuse in its ranks destroyed. That has the German cardinal Reinhard Marx, a close advisor of pope Francis, on Saturday admitted on the third day of the summit on sexual abuse in the Church in the Vatican.

‘Files that these terrible acts of evidence could have foreseen, and the names of the managers had been able to give, were destroyed or not even opened”, said the chairman of the German bishops ‘ conference.

Kardinaal Marx: ‘Kerk heeft dossiers over seksueel misbruik “vernietigd”’

Cardinal Marx.


Marx tried his fellow-bishops in his speech to convince us that crimes and doofpotaffaires, and not transparency, the real dangers for the Church. The Church should be more transparent in the fight against sexual abuse of children, urged he. “The sexual abuse of children and young people is in no small part due to abuses of power by the administration,” he said.

The Church is worldwide, confronted by scandals around the sexual abuse of children, and is accused of the scope of the abuse to have covered.

Pope Francis suggested during the conference, a 21-point plan for sexual abuse to combat. He also attended Marx’s speech.

Colombian president demands free passage for relief supplies


Colombiaanse president eist vrije doorgang voor hulpgoederen

Venezuelan opposition leader Guaidó

The Colombian president Ivan Duque has Saturday, free entry of humanitarian aid to Venezuela is required. The blocking of the assistance is an ‘attack ‘ on human rights’.

Duque said that in the border town of Cucuta in a joint press conference with the self-proclaimed Venezuelan interimpresident Juan Guaidó.

Leader of the opposition Guaidó called the Venezuelan security forces at the border crossings, located on the right side of history’ and the relief supplies to get through. At least four Venezuelan soldiers deserteerden Saturday, and went to Colombia.

Earlier today used the Venezuelan army all tear gas at opponents to the Colombian border back to float.

The Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has borders with Colombia and Brazil closed to the importation of supplies to block. In Venezuela, there is a high need for food. The oil-rich country is facing the worst economic crisis in its history.

According to the regime tries Guaidó with the hulpleveringen a foreign military operation and the fall of Maduro to prepare.

Hulpkonvooi again on the way to Venezuela


Hulpkonvooi toch op weg naar Venezuela

The Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó personally gave his victory to the hulpkonvooi that from the Colombian city of Cucuta in the direction of Venezuela in the county. Despite the opposition of president Maduro, he wants food and medicine to the Venezuelans. In different grensstadjes are riots erupted.

Guaidó, which by most western countries recognized as the legitimate leader of Venezuela, drove a bit along with one of the trucks with U.s. supplies.

According to the news agency Reuters fired Venezuelan troops tear gas grenades to opponents who are ready to help to receive. Protesters stop a bus in burning and threw stones at the soldiers with the requirement to Maduro for help.

“Humanitarian assistance is in a peaceful way on the way to Venezuela, in order to save lives,” said Guaidó earlier at a press conference where he was flanked by three other Latin American presidents, including Ivan Duque of Colombia.

According to a member of the opposition would be there to the Brazilian border is already a truck with relief supplies Venezuela are binnengeraakt.


In several border towns on the border of Venezuela-Colombia in the meantime rioted erupted. In San Antonio would government forces a group of activists have pushed back over a bridge that the two countries connect.

Demonstrators in nearby Urena in their clash with security forces in streets closed off with burning tyres. A group put a military uniform on fire as a symbolic protest against the army, which despite growing international protest on the part of president Maduro.

Earlier today left all four Venezuelan soldiers their post to walk to the Colombian side. On social media, a video surfaced of the soldiers with armored vehicles, a bridge and a metal barricade, filling station, and then to step out and to the Colombian side to walk.


The trucks with food and medicine by Venezuelan volunteers to the border to be driven, will meet Colombian side to be unloaded, and by a mensenketting to Venezuela.

The international community is worried for the risk of changes violence. The Venezuelan army opened Friday’s fire in a village near the Brazilian border when the inhabitants of the rise of the army tried to stop. A man and his wife were slain.

N-VA repeats plea for ‘ecorealisme’ with delay for kernuitstap


N-VA herhaalt pleidooi voor ‘ecorealisme’ met uitstel voor kernuitstap

If the N-VA will depend the two youngest nuclear power plants in our country 10 years longer remain open. And also the construction of a new plant is ‘negotiable if that’s economically viable.” That is in the brochure about ‘ecorealisme’ the N-VA Saturday, has proposed on their V-day, a sort of workshop, on energy and ecology. At the start of that day there was also a protest.

In the run-up to may 26, organizes N-VA, a series of seminars on various topics. Saturday have just about 800 N-VA members located in Gent bent on the theme of energy and ecology. Although there also was spoken about food, waste and climate adaptation, the focus was mainly on energy and particularly on the (on)meaning of nuclear energy in the future energy supply.

That focus had mainly to do with the central speaker at the conference, the American Michael Shellenberger, a former environmentalist who is one of the founders of the so-called ecomodernisme. Energy is Shellenberger is a big advocate for nuclear power. According to him, it is a cheap, safe and climate-friendly solution. The Belgian elekriciteitsvoorziening is for the half depending on nuclear power. As Belgium, the other half nuclear wants to fill, according to Shellenberger just three extra nuclear power stations required.

A story that is at odds with the planned kernuitstap in 2025. N-VA has been criticism on that timing. The current nuclear capacity by 2025 replaced by renewable sources, and (new) fired gas plants is according to the party unfeasible and unaffordable. Therefore, it calls the N-VA already longer for the 10 year to keep it open of the two most recent nuclear power plants.

‘That way you let the light burn, the price is affordable and you avoid 6 million tonnes of CO2 and that for ten years. In order to give you a sense: that is the equivalent of all the cars in Flanders of the job. All of the cars. And so for ten years, ” says Anneleen Van Bossuyt, that the conclusions held at the workshop.

She challenges the other parties, and particularly opposition party Green, to explain how our country without nuclear power would be able to after 2025. “I want figures to see it,” says Bossuyt. “Give us clarity on the invoice of the kernuitstap. Because the competent minister may, there is still so much missing about flushing: that will be fifteen euros per family, but an invoice of 9 billion, more than one and a half times the Turteltaks for each family. And that more CO2 emissions’, says Van Bossuyt.

Although the N-VA in the long term (at 2065) also from nuclear power want to close the party the construction of a new plant still not out of the woods. ‘A new nuclear power plant is negotiable if that is economically viable, ” as is read in the N-VA-brochure.

Protest against ” ecosurrealisme’

At the start of the study day, introduced some members of the 11 march movement, an organization that after the nuclear disaster of Fukushima in 2011, campaigning for the preservation of the kernuitstap and a transition to renewable energy, action against that point of view. “Nuclear power is unaffordable, unreliable and unfeasible,” says Johan Malcorps of the organization (and also a member of Green). Also the construction of new power plants and the development of new nuclear technology is according to the organization, not part of the solution. ‘That is dagdromerij. That is not ecorealisme, but ecosurrealisme’, says Malcorps.

‘Nuclear addiction’

Kristof Calvo of Groen takes note of the ‘nuclear addiction’ of N-VA. “It was no study day of the N-VA but the nuclear lobby’, responds the Mp. “I want the N-VA first and foremost, to thank them for the about us on their conferences. That’s free advertising, ” says Calvo. That speaker Michael Shellenberger, openly called for the construction of three additional nuclear power plants in Belgium, called Calvo ‘totally crazy’.

Green kicks election campaign: “It is five to twelve”


Groen trapt verkiezingscampagne af: ‘Het is vijf voor twaalf’

The election of Green left with an electric bus. On the photo: Petra De Sutter, Meyrem Almaci and Kristof Calvo.

In the Antwerp district of Borgerhout has the party Green Saturday its election campaign going to be kicked. “We share more than we think’ is the central message. “While other parties are busy with themselves, and forced discord to try to sow, we would work better together instead of apart of islam. Because the challenges we face in terms of climate, purchasing power, and community are extensive, ” says Green president Meyrem Almaci.

Green sees a lot of unity in the society: 84 percent of the people requesting a fair climate policy and a fair contribution of the largest capabilities according to the greens. “Our job is not to get people to divide, but to bring people together, because we share so much more than we think,” says Almaci.

“Now or now”

The campaign Green Saturday launched according to Almaci is not about the next election but about the next generations. “Because of that, steps we our campaign is also symbolic at five to twelve, it is now or now. We have no more time to lose. The IPCC gives us a further 12 years to the fight against climate change. It can, if there is a reversal of the policy and that is the commitment to Green. We have no need to doembeelden, we need to hope and action.’

Green reiterates the ambition to create a new majority on the leg. “Who doesn’t want to do for the climate, it is surprisingly often also the one who doesn’t want to do against inequality. That is why we need a klimaatregering with a social heart. A reversal of the policy, ” says Almaci.

The E313 direction Antwerp again


E313 richting Antwerpen opnieuw vrij

The E313 in Geel-East is once again free for movement in the direction of Antwerp. All diversions may be discontinued. The highway became Saturday morning completely blocked by an accident in the werfzone at the height of Yellow-East.

In the only available lane was Saturday morning, a truck drove into a truck, which is in the tail of a file. The highway was a time to close. The movement in the direction of Antwerp had to leave the motorway in Ham and then a local redirection to follow.

Castagne and Atalanta go down in Torino


Castagne en Atalanta gaan onderuit bij Torino

Atalanta Bergamo Saturday on the 25th match day of the Serie A with a 2-0 defeat to have to go with Torino. At the Bergamasken was Red Devil Timothy Castagne at the kick-off as linkerwingback. He was ten minutes before time, to the side achieved.

A flipperkastgoal of Izzo (42.), just for peace, and a crossed plaatsbal of Falque (46.), just after the break, incorrectly arranged the fate of Atalanta.

Torino is by the victory in addition to Atalanta in the sixth place, with 38 points. The sixth place is the last place in the Serie A which gives the right to European football next season.

David Goffin loses semi-final in Marseille against Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas


David Goffin verliest halve finale in Marseille tegen Griek Stefanos Tsitsipas

David Goffin (ATP-24) has not succeeded to qualify for the final of the ATP tournament in Marseille (668.485 euro). The 28-year-old of Liège, the third seed at the hard court in the South of France, in 1 hour and 9 minutes with 7-6 (7/1) 6-2 defeated for the Greek first seed Stefanos Tsitsipas (ATP-12).

Sunday the 20-year-old Tsitsipas in the final against the 31-year-old Kazach Mikhail Kukushkin (ATP-50). That put off in his semi-final with twice 6-3 the Frenchman Ugo Humbert (ATP 75).

Both for Tsitsipas as for Kukushkin is the fourth ATP final. Of the previous three won both of them one. Tsitsipas released last year, the ATP tournament in Stockholm on his name, Kukushkin in 2010, that of St. Petersburg.

Tsitsipas and Kukushkin played two times earlier against each other, and each time drew the Greek to the longest end. In February 2018, he won in the 1/16 finals in Dubai on hard courts with a 6-2, 6-7 (5/7) 6-3, three months later, in the qualifiers in Rome on clay with 5-7, 6-3 and 7-6 (7/5).

Dylan Groenewegen wins with force majeure in the Algarve, philipsen is admitted confirms with handsome third place


Dylan Groenewegen wint met overmacht in Algarve, Philipsen bevestigt met knappe derde plaats

Wednesday, he was held up by a massaval. Today was a flat tire 8 miles from the finish, he even not against. After his stage win in the Tour of Valencia shoots Dylan Groenewegen in the Tour of the Algarve, touch. Arnaud Démare was two, our 20-year-old compatriot Jasper philipsen is admitted to be handsome third. “In the penultimate turn, I had to full in the wind, drive in the direction of the wheel of Groenewegen. There do I waste too much energy, but I think anyway that Groenewegen is still something to strong.”

Congratulations to the mechanics of Team Jumbo Visma. At eight kilometers from the finish, reed, Dylan Groenewegen leak, but after a high-speed fietswissel and with the help of a strong sprints started Groenewegen, despite the insistence of the other sprintersploegen in pole-position to the ascending sprint in Tavira. The Dutchman got all the space thanks to a strange maneuver of John Degenkolb to the detriment of our fellow countryman, Jens Debusschere. “In the second to last turn, I sat in the wheel of Groenewegen, but Degenkolb came to me out of pushing, and then almost stand still in the last turn. I was suddenly a gap of thirty meters to bridge, because it is impossible. My chance at a good result was gone,” said a dispirited Jens Debusschere of team Katusha Alpecin, which, like many other riders after the ride of 198 km extra went bijtrainen with the eye on the Omloop het Nieuwsblad.


Also congratulations to the coaches of Team Jumbo Visma. At the end of december was Groenewegen have surgery on his thumb, which he two weeks to the side. A trainingsachterstand is at the Ajax fan from Amsterdam don’t notice. In the Tour of Valencia, he won the royal of the favourites. Today he picked up his second of the season. The winner of Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne the following Sunday in his only classic of the spring, again the number one favourite. That other favourite Arnaud Démare – Friday is still sixth in a tough time trial – insisted during the sprint again, but came to final more than a wheel too short.

The next wheel that the finish line was that of the Colnago-bike from Jasper philipsen is admitted. The lefgozer Ham confirms after his sprintzege in the Tour Down Under, but was initially especially disillusioned. “By the hectic pace in the final I had after the penultimate bend for a walk, full in the wind direction the wheel of Groenewegen. The energy that I missed, I will come in the last few metres too short, so I have nice quiet fell.”

However, should philipsen is admitted and UAE Emirates quite satisfied. Without a lead-out to third to end after established values as Groenewegen and Démare in a light ascending sprint, is a nice result for a twenty-year-old. “Maybe it was the third place the maximum achievable. This may not be a WorldTour, the sprintersdeelnemersveld is quite strong. I also feel that sprinters and Groenewegen even more power in the legs. Maybe I should add some extra work in the gym the next few weeks, months, and years.”

Despite his twenty years philipsen is admitted all a solid bonk. Last winter, he has a lot of work in the gymnasium. “I do squats, that is from a squatting position, try standing up while you have a dumbbell of 60 pounds will hold. I love to do such exercises because of my short and explosive muscle fibers stronger. I’m an explosive type of rider. My peak of maximum power is 1600 watts. Don’t ask me to be 20 minutes long at 400 watts to climb. I’m a sprinter.”

Philipsen is admitted being trained by Maarten Thysen of GRIT. Thysen previously worked together with other pros such as Zdenek Stybar, Laurens De Plus and Steff Cras. “Physically, I progression, but I feel that I still have work to do on my sprinttechniek. I live since a while with my friend Melanie in Leuven. I’m going to train sometimes with Jasper Stuyven and he told me that he worked hard on his sprintpositie. I am nowhere in that area. With me is sprinting even more of everything and we’ll see. My sprintpositie is the one that I think is the best, but that is without scientific background. The team will soon be going on the cycling track to test for the position on the time trial bike. I’m going to propose if they even look at my sprintpositie want to look.”

That team – UAE Emirates – is well on the way to morning, their seventh victory of the season to address. Tadej Pogacar – friend and peer of philipsen is admitted – is comfortably in the lead. He must be on the very steep final climb of 2.3 km to Malhao already a serious slump, he wants his bonus of half a minute, lose to Soren Kragh Andersen, Wout Poels or Enric Mas. Do philipsen is admitted that him and his team have a tough day wait. “Today there was no wind, and took the peloton a half non, but tomorrow is the werkendag. I’m going to me just one time out of the seam and pull my work to do so Tadej hopefully that jersey can maintain. Then that third place today, soon forgotten.”

Lionel Messi is again the God of Barcelona: Argentine scores a brilliant hattrick against Sevilla in the Spanish top


Lionel Messi is opnieuw de God van Barcelona: Argentijn scoort magistrale hattrick tegen Sevilla in Spaanse topper

FC Barcelona Saturday afternoon, an excellent thing in the title. The match organisers went with a 2-4 win at Sevilla, the number five in La Liga. Lionel Messi – who else – was the big hero of the Catalans: the little Argentinian blotted out two times is a backlog and provided Barcelona with a late third goal for the victory. Luis Suarez thickness score in the extra time.

Seville followed in the balance all on 17 points of leader Barcelona and is hard to battle with a number of competitors for fourth place. Profit at the match organisers would be more than welcome. Jesus Navas made in advance for a party by the middle of the first half the home team is ahead to have a blast. But long it could not be celebrated, because with a tough volley, hung Lionel Messi soon the signs are equal: 1-1.

A goal of the Mercado could Sevilla still with a lead (2-1) the rest in. The home team also took a long time, but was halfway through the second company still, won give thanks to a beautiful plaatsbal of been Messi: 2-2.

With two goals he was man of the match, but it could be even better for The Flea. Five minutes before the end he was a good place to be yet a third hit to write. The victory was for the Blaugrana, and just before affluiten was Luis Suarez, of course, in reference to Messi, the party will be complete: 2-4 was the final score.

Barcelona put thanks to the handsome victory, again the pursuers under pressure. Atlético Madrid and Real Madrid will now follow, respectively, ten and twelve points. Tomorrow will play Atlético at home against Villarreal, while city rivals Real to Levante pulls. They can have their titelkansen cool? Sunday we know more.